Giving businesses the tools to succeed.


April - December 2016

At Facebook I focused on designing tools for businesses in Emerging Markets. An incredibly interesting challenge, that involved a lot of international research, and designing for a number of devices.

As a fresh faced member of the team I travelled to India with a small team, to see how small businesses there where using Facebook to sell their products (anything from clothing, to snake oil). It was fascinating. Time and time and again we saw tiny businesses running their entire process from their mobiles - in a very messy, but effective way. They’d share photos on their Facebook page, then Whatsapp people who commented, then meet them in person to do the deal using cash. They’d also retarget customers through Whatsapp broadcasts, and use Instagram to show off new items. There was a big opportunity.

What to build

We mapped out each point of the journey, from the initial sharing of products, to the closing of a transaction. And from there, began turning our attention to the starting point of this journey.

We’d seen great uptake of the shop feature, but businesses had no way of linking up their promoted posts or transactions with this feature. Our research had also taught us that people didn’t just want to upload a picture of a t-shirt, they wanted to tell a creative story. Richer creative formats, would in theory drive more sales.

So with that in mind we built a prototype, and took it to Vietnam.

One of the first Origami prototypes exploring how businesses could tag products into their pictures

Whilst out there we’d spend 3 days talking to users about this prototype, and iterating on it between sessions, and the other 5 days running a design sprint on how we might fill the rest of the gaps for these businesses.

After Vietnam we introduced product tagging to all business in emerging countries. Uptake was strong, as was revenue growth. Since then Facebook has gone on to roll product tagging out across all platforms, including Instagram.

The experience for businesses

The experience for consumers

Design Sprint Outcomes

We introduced product tagging to all business in emerging countries, with a slow rollout across Android devices. Uptake was strong, as was revenue growth.

The idea of supporting delivery in Messenger

Supporting existing workflows